With the new year upon us, we only have positive wishes to everyone making it. For those who did not, our condolences.

In these confusing times, and new all time highs for the $SPY; real question is whether we are bullish or bearish? Many ways to arrive at the answer; but for investors that find it time consuming or interested in outsourcing the work; look no further than WeeklyTruffle Strategies. (P.S We have refined our stock analysis service to mainly index and select etfs)

Firstly, its a holiday week, so doubt any real action takes place. In terms of level, we are not interested divulging too much ; however we will follow up this Friday pending Market Close.

Some per-ramble from the Friday article, the last three months we have been making new all time highs.

Still here, no worries if you are hungry for gains; here some sample price levels we will want to follow up on hindsight.

$SPY <$370



With 2020 closing significantly stronger then it started, we can say 2021 has a lot of interesting plans. Theme of January for our virtual office is “Breathe”. While rest of the market is inhaling scent of all time highs, we are maintaining our excitement and looking for prices to better enter (entering all time high is simply not part of our process). None of the stocks we mention are stocks we are holding, but are looking to acquire possibly within next 4 months. With that in mind, we hope you take some time and focus on whether you are taking deep full breaths, or huffing & puffing along the under-rated magnificence that is life.

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